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Beard Serum For Beard Growth (30ml)

  • INGREDIENTS: Almond, HTC, glycerin, Brahmi, Amla, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Green Pumpkin Preservative, BHT, Potassium sorbate
  • SMELLS GOOD WITH NOURISHED BEARD: Best for perfume and nourishment of beard and moustache
  • DIRECTION: How to apply as with all skin care product it is recommended that you conduct pores and skin sensitivity test Apply some drops of beard oil onto your wrist If there are no signs of skin sensitivity, like redness or dryness and scaly skin, continue to apply concentrated Else blend with room temperature water and continue using as normal, Splash your palm with a few drops of beard Serum and apply liberally into your beard and skin
  • CAUTION keep in a cool dry place Keep away from kid's and eyes and do not apply undiluted on the skin, this is not a beauty product

Husn E Heaven Organic Vitamin E Hair Serum For Women And Men/Daily Use (100ml)

  • Husn E Heaven Vitamin E hair serums with hair-loving ingredients deliver your hair some love and care and add silkiness and shine to your air-dried look or a layer of safety before your heat style
  • PROVIDE NOURISHMENT: it offers important vitamins and improves universal hair health
  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM DAMAGES: It protects the hair from heat harm and different environmental stressors
  • MAKES YOUR HAIR SOFT AND BOUNCY: it deeply moisturizes hair and makes it soft, smooth and bouncy
  • HOW TO USE: Split your hair into halves. Apply the serum from the centre of your hair and work your way to the tips. Do not apply it to the scalp
  • NOT TASTED ON ANIMALS: Husn E Heaven vitamin E nourishing hair serum isn't tested on animals and is suitable for all hair types
  • ONLY FOR EXTERNAL USE. Store in a groovy and dry place