Fragrance Notes: Everything You Need to Know: Perfume is one of the things that plays an important role in our daily life. Whether you apply your favourite perfume for your date night or for a workday in the office. The right fragrance will help you with a certain aura, presence and confidence.     

So for this confidence and presence, the person wears or use the fragrance notes. Just like the music notes make up the songs, the fragrance notes combine the form a unified pleasing perfume. So how to find the perfect perfume for you that can make your day.  In this article, we will tell you and explain to you that what are the fragrance notes and everything you need to know about it.

What are Perfume Notes?

Perfume Notes are the ingredients that make up the fragrance of the scent. They are categorized as the top note, heart Note and Base Note. All these notes carefully select and blend as the ingredients to form the perfume. All the perfume maker carefully select the notes to make sure that the fragrance both smell pleasant and evokes a certain experience. All the notes are classified in a fragrance pyramid.

Fragrance Notes: Everything You Need to Know

So after knowing the perfume the name of the perfume notes now we will find out what is the perfume notes.

Fragrance Notes: Everything You Need to Know: What is Top Note?

Top Notes are also known as the headnotes, the Form of the top layer of fragrance. In another word the top notes are the scent that we detect first after spraying a perfume. These are the notes that play the important role in setting up the first impressions and also help in shaping the fragrance story.

Mostly the top note evaporates in five to fifteen minutes. One of the main reasons for the top notes is to give off the initial scent and then smoothly transient into the next part of the fragrance. And because of that the top notes generally consist of lighter and smaller molecules.

Some of the common top notes are as follow lemon, orange and bergamot, and also the light floral notes like the lavender and rose. On the other hand, the basil and anise are most commonly used as the top notes.

What are the Heart Notes?

As per the name of the heart, notes means the heart of the fragrance. The main function of the heart note is to retain some of the aroma or essences of the top notes while going to the base notes. The heart notes appear after the top notes fade and remain for the life of the fragrance. Heart notes have the aroma of floral oils like jasmine, neroli and ylang ylnag. And also have cinnamon, pepper, pine, lemongrass and black pepper.

Base Notes

Just like the heart notes the base notes form the foundation of the fragrance. Since they form the perfume’s foundation, base notes are very rich, heavy and long-lasting. They kick in after about 30 minutes and work together with the middle notes to create the fragrance’s scent. Since base notes sink into your skin, their scent lingers the longest and can last for six hours or more.

Fragrance notes play a very important role in perfume. So check out the collection of attar that will make your day amazing.

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